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carrier oils

Use these high quality carrier oils to make your own blends. See the bottom of this page for dilution and other usage. The oils are packaged in cobalt blue glass bottles.

Organic Sweet Almond Oil
4oz $7

Organic Jojoba Oil
4oz $11

Organic St John's Wort Oil (Hypericum perforatum)
This is a beautiful deep ruby red oil made from infusing fresh St. John's Wort flowering tops into organic cold pressed olive oil. Hand harvested and extracted by a master wild crafter. Most people who are familiar with Saint John's Wort Oil are surprised when they see this deep red oil as it is so much darker in color than others they have seen- it's very concentrated. Very special! 2 oz $19


Unscented Lotion
An unscented 100% pure all natural lotion that is moisturizing and comforting to even the most sensitive skin. This blend is nourishing to the skin and contains no synthetic chemicals. Perfect for all skin types including eczema or dermatitis. Create your own personal aroma by adding 10 drops of essential oil to each oz of lotion. Perfect as a body lotion or massage lotion for those who prefer something rich yet less oily than a body oil. 8 oz $16

essential oil dilutions & applications

1% dilution (6 drops per oz): For children and the elderly
2% dilution (12 drops per oz): For whole body applications like lotions and body and massage oils.
4% dilution (24 drops): Concentrated blends

Suggested amounts for various applications:
Massage oil: 10 drops to an ounce carrier oil
Acute topical use: 25 drops to an ounce carrier oil
Neat: Best to dilute all oils. However 1-2 drops of non- irritating oils (like Lavender, Ravensara, etc.) may be fine in some instances.
Facial: 10 drops to 1oz carrier oil
Hair/scalp: 20 drops to 1oz carrier oil
Inhalation/steam: 5-7 drops
Humidifier: 3-6 drops
Bath: 5-15 drops per bath
Compress: 4-6 drops per bowl water
Dry Brush: 1-3 drops
Hair Brush: 1-3 drops

(For children and the elderly cut amounts in half)

Click here for measurement conversions.